Slow Down. Listen.

Each chocolate in this collection has a story to tell…a story of lush landscapes in remote places…of farmers, change-makers, visionaries and creatives.

No two stories are exactly alike, yet they’re all about dedication, inspiration and faith. Savor the moment as stories and flavors envelop you in one immersive experience. You are now part of the story.


Chocolate Tastings

A bespoke chocolate tasting is a delicious way to bond with your coworkers, friends and family.

Barometer Chocolate offers 3 types of tastings tailored to your group’s preferences:

  • Gather around the table with luxurious chocolate kits for each guest and become a connoisseur
  • Experience a lavish chocolate open bar for a cocktail-style party
  • Enjoy a virtual get-together to explore chocolate delivered to your doorstep
Barometer Chocolate Subscription

How my passion for Fine Chocolate began...

After enrolling in a certificate program for expert chocolate tasting, learning from top professionals and tasting hundreds of rare and exclusive bars from artisan makers all over the world, it made me realize that chocolate is not just my favorite flavor... it’s my passion, my lifelong subject of study and my true calling.