Denise Castronovo


Denise Castronovo proudly leads the pack of solo female chocolate makers. She was as an ecologist and preservationist before she became a chocolate maker, but after a successful career, she decided to approach protection of the environment from a far tastier perspective.

Extremely talented and perhaps just a little bit lucky, her first batch of chocolate turned out absolutely delicious, and that kept her motivated to make more.

For Denise, making bean-to-bar craft chocolate is a way to improve lives and livelihoods of indigenous people. She insists on protecting the rainforests by supporting natural utilization of the land. All of the cacao beans she uses to make her luscious bars and treats either grow naturally in the wild or come from small, family-owned farms where cacao just happens to be one of their crops.  

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Fine Chocolate + Fine Customers =

The Perfect Pairing!

I am happy to suggest oodles of excellent pairing suggestions, but my favorite pairing of all time is wonderful customers, like you, with exquisite chocolate that’s sure to please.

This combination never gets old. Thank you for entrusting your unique and precious palate to me. I promise to treat it with the utmost care and ensure that your journey into the world of fine chocolate brings you all pleasure and no pressure.

Barometer Chocolate knows no other way.

Customer Reviews

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So delicious!!! Pairs well with Pinot Grigio!

True white chocolate is amazing!

I don't like white chocolate. At least I didn't until I tasted REAL white chocolate! Love the hint of lemon. It's like tasting a summer treat any time of the year! If you don't like white chocolate, this just might change your mind!

This bar has converted many a dark chocolate lover over to the light side! It’s nothing short of magnificent, and that hint of lemon and lemon sea salt harmonizes so beautifully with the sweet and creamy white chocolate. It’s a match made in heaven! I’m so glad you decided to give it a whirl and that you loved it!

Wonderful white chocolate

I can’t find it in Greenville. Best white chocolate I have ever tasted.

I’m so glad you love this bar as much as I do, Carolin!