“Lose your mind and come to your senses"
- Fritz Perls

Tasting fine chocolate is an invitation to tune into your senses and discover the deliciousness of
the present moment.

Savoring Chocolate: 101

Ready to experience Fine Chocolate?

Kahkow La Esmeralda Dark Chocolate Bar 67%

Dark Chocolate

Soma Chocolatemaker Milk Old School Chocolate Bar

Dark Milk & Milk Chocolate Bars

Castronovo White Chocolate with Lemon & Lemon Sea Salt

White Chocolate

Fruition Dominican ÖKO-Caribe Dark Chocolate Mini Bar

Mini Chocolate Bars

Fruition Pecans with Maple Cinnamon Milk Chocolate in a Tin

Chocolate & Nuts

Chocolate & Salt

Chocolate & Salt

Box of 6 Dark Chocolate Truffles - Barometer Chocolate

Boxed Chocolate & Treats