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Savoring 101

"Lose your mind and come to your senses." - Fritz Perls

Tasting artisanal chocolate like a connoisseur is an especially pleasurable practice that will encourage you to savor the present moment by focusing on your senses.

Step 1: Choose a peaceful setting to spend quality time with your chocolate.

Barometer Chocolate Savoring step 1

Step 2:
 Cleanse your palate with room temperature water.

Step 3: Select a plate for your chocolate, sit down and relax.

Barometer Chocolate Savoring step 3

Step 4:
 Take three deep breaths.

Step 5: If you will taste more than one chocolate bar, start with the one that has the highest cacao percentage and work your way down so the sweetest chocolate will be last.

Barometer Chocolate Savoring step 5

Step 6:
 Admire the wrapper. The maker put a lot of love and care into designing it. Once unwrapped, examine the bar. Notice the design of the imprint. The bar should have a uniform, pleasing color, and the finish may be shiny or matte. There should be no unsightly spotting.

Barometer Chocolate Savoring step 6

Step 7:
 Run your fingers along the surface of your chocolate bar. Feel the weight of it in your hand.

Barometer Chocolate Savoring step 7

Step 8:
 Snap! Crackle! Pop! Breaking off a piece of well-tempered chocolate might sound like the solid click of a cylinder turning in a lock, the crisp, clean snap of your fingers, or the splintering of the most delicate sheet of ice.

Barometer Chocolate Savoring step 8

Step 9:
 Holding the piece of chocolate close to your nose, deeply inhale its aroma. The smell may be fruity, floral, roasted, nutty, spicy or earthy. Smell accounts for 80% of flavor, so relish the fragrance and anticipate the tastes that will reveal themselves on your palate.

Step 10: Place the chocolate in your mouth. Take a bite or two and then allow it to melt slowly on your tongue. It takes 7 to 10 seconds for top, middle and finishing notes to unfold and blossom in fine chocolate, but in some exquisite chocolates, the aftertaste may linger for up to 20 minutes. When you invite your senses to guide your experience, the journey will come alive.

Savoring chocolate in this fashion turns an ordinary moment sublime.

Barometer Chocolate - Savoring 101. Go a chocolate-covered life.