Fall For Chocolate

Fall For Chocolate

Hello Gang!

I blinked and now it’s fall! I hope you’re enjoying cooler temperatures, back-to-busy, pumpkin spice, and all that jazz.

Here are my top 3 summer chocolate highlights:

In June I served for the fifth time as a judge for the International Chocolate Awards. 

In July I ate three life-transforming slices of chocolate cake in Portugal. (OK, three slices but technically only two different cakes…I was able to order an extra takeaway slice of one of them). Shout out to Al Sud, a gorgeous Michelin-starred restaurant in Lagos, and Landeau, a mind-blowing chocolate cake cafe in Lisbon. You can see these cakes on my Instagram page (link at the bottom of every page on this website).

In August I had the opportunity to savor a favorite dark chocolate from my past, Kahkow’s La Esmeralda, and have added her and two of her chocolate bar siblings to the shop’s collection.

Also, not a chocolate highlight, but definitely a highlight…Ted Lasso!!!! All the feels wrapped up in one entertaining, superbly-acted morsel. Have you seen it? Did you love it, too? I was so sad when it ended, but a TV series is kind of like a chocolate bar…when I finish one, there’s always the next amazing masterpiece waiting on deck. I’m happy to report that I am fully engrossed in a new show, and so many chocolates are waiting in the wings. Ah, to have what seems like a limitless supply of chocolate and entertainment! Life is good! 

Though it seems like it was 100 degrees just a few days ago, my first fall highlight has already occurred! I hosted an intimate and joyful chocolate tasting for some customer friends. The featured photo at the top of this newsletter shows most of the bars we sampled. 

This time it wasn’t just a tasting for fun, though. I wanted honest feedback in order to cherry pick the superstar, unanimous crowd-pleasers from the pack for the Barometer Chocolate fall lineup. Mission accomplished around my  dining room table on the rainiest night of September. I think you will be delighted with the winners we selected - mostly from a Swiss maker called Original Beans, and one new one from Castronovo studded with the nibs of a blond cacao cousin called “Jaguar.”  From our stack of Original Beans bars, we picked luscious darks, one EXQUISITE dark milk, and one milk chocolate bar that will bring you to your knees if your tastebuds run sweet. No chocolate fan has been left behind with this knock-it-out-of-the-park Fall 2023 collection. 

This is a teaser, by the way.  These bars from the tasting will be in the shop in October and I’ll definitely let you know when they’ve arrived, so stay tuned.

Until next time, admire the leaves as they start to show off, fill your shopping cart with gourds, pull out all your favorite cozy sweaters, and discover your new chocolate soulmate right here at Barometer  


Chocolate Cheers!



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