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Barometer Chocolate Customized Subscriptions

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There's something so luxurious about having exquisite craft chocolate bars delivered right to your doorstep every month.  Subscription service begins with a 30-minute chocolate chat with Barometer Chocolate Sommelier Nadine so she can design a custom collection that caters to the recipient's palate and hand select bars that are guaranteed to please..

Throughout the duration of the subscription, the chocolate lover is treated to exclusive monthly goody bags containing two or three bars, plus a generous sprinkling of samples. Subscription holders are also invited to an exclusive holiday tasting (in-person or virtual) where they can savor some of the rarest and finest chocolate in the world with fellow chocolate lovers and connoisseurs.

A Barometer Chocolate Subscription is an elegant and unique gift for yourself or that special someone



  • All subscriptions include shipping. Please use the following code at checkout to ensure that additional shipping charges are not added: BARKEEPER1.
  • To guarantee that shipping fees are waived, make sure that the subscription is the only item in your shopping cart for that order.
  • If you are a local customer and qualify for free delivery (zip codes 07079, 07040, 07041, 07078), Barometer Chocolate will add additional chocolate to your monthly packages equivalent to the included cost of shipping.