Happy 4th Birthday Barometer Chocolate!

Happy 4th Birthday Barometer Chocolate!

Guess what Chocolate People?

My baby turned 4!

Barometer Chocolate just had her birthday yesterday! She came to life weeks before the world shut down and we’ve been inseparable ever since. I love her. She loves me. We both love you!

Thanks to Barometer Chocolate, I’ve made many friends and had adventures galore. 70% is a popular number for chocolate bars, but when it comes to percentages, I can honestly say that 100% of Barometer Chocolate customers are delightful humans. It has been my distinct pleasure to get to know many of you personally and deepen relationships through breaking chocolate in community. And there are a few of you that I have yet to meet live and in person, but I feel like I already know you…Helena H, Jean T., Diane D. and Rowena P…one day I will meet you all face-face, and it will be wonderful!

I am beyond grateful and excited, too, because Barometer Chocolate has so much forward momentum. Like most four year-olds, she has a ton of energy and wants to go, go, gooooooooo!!!!! She loves to play, refuses to nap, and I get to come along for the chocolate-covered ride.

More good news is that spring is on the horizon. I’ve heard it said that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a peanut butter chocolate rabbit…and not just any old peanut butter chocolate rabbit, but a super delicious single origin one that’s making all the lambs jealous. You can take a gander at Peter Cottontail right here.

What better way to celebrate Barometer’s birthday and lions shapeshifting into bunnies than by offering you a little gift of 12% off from today through the end of March? There’s nothing special you need to do. You’re already super special to me just by being here! The discount code will magically appear at check out.

Please place your Easter orders for shipping on or before Friday, March 21 as I will be investigating colleges (and seeking chocolate!) for a week at the end of the month. No, Barometer is not ready for university just yet. She’s only 4 for Pete’s Sake! I know she’s precocious but this search is for a different baby of mine. Local doorstep delivery will be available on Friday, March 29 and Saturday the 30th (or before March 21).

Thank you, as always, for your kindness and loyal support. It truly means everything to me.




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