Barometer’s Birthday Gift + Popping Up

Barometer’s Birthday Gift + Popping Up


In last month’s newsletter I told you that Barometer Chocolate celebrated her 4th birthday. What I didn’t mention was the surprise gift that was already in the works for my sweet girl. Do you know what I got her? A sleek new website that captures her essence while giving her plenty of room to grow. This gift is handmade with love and benefits us all! I really hope you like it!

I’ve been a bit of a hermit for the past 6 weeks while working on the website. Now that it is complete, I’m back to old tricks…tasting delicious chocolates to consider for the collection and spending time with folks like you who help Barometer Chocolate flourish. I have a few wonderful treats in mind that I know you will love. One unique thing I recently ate off of a spoon blew my mind, and there are only 2 other people reading this blog post who have tried it. It may take a little time to acquire this ambrosia, but stay tuned and visit the website often. I want to get it for your taste buds. They told me they would like a gift, too. 

Here’s something new to the shop…to take the guesswork out of Mother’s Day shopping, I’ve created two gift bundles that are sure to please the lovely ladies in your life. One is filled with a selection of four of my favorite dark chocolate bars, and the other is a beautiful flight of dark milks and milk chocolates. I curated these particular tasting kits in honor of Mother’s Day, but truth be told, they’re perfect for any chocolate lover in your life. And remember that you are also a chocolate lover. Check out the Mother’s Day Collection to view the bundles and other gifting options.  

Fresh off the delivery truck are a whole heap of two super sellers from Goodnow Farms: Brown Butter 70% Dark bars and Cafe con Leche 63% Dark Milk bars. It’s really too hard to decide which one is more delicious so just get both. The brown butter bar is incredible, revealing notes of toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with butter in the flavor journey. The Cafe con Leche is exquisitely well-balanced and lip-smackingly satisfying. If you’ve never tried a Goodnow Farms bar before,  pick any one that calls your name. You simply cannot go wrong. The flavors, mouthfeel and melt are true perfection and will make your day 1000% better. 

Please meet Barometer Chocolate’s Best Sellers, which is a new collection on this website. Collect them all! If I could take only one of them with me on a desert island it would be a really tough choice. But if you insist on knowing which one I’d take, it would have to be the Friis Holm Chuno. Read my description here on the website and you’ll see why! 

Finally, if you follow me on social media (or if you just follow me around), you know that I rarely do pop up shops outside of my home. However, I am doing a pop-up shop this Sunday, April 28 from 12:30-4:30 pm at Bhakti Barn Yoga Studio (391 Millburn Avenue, Millburn, NJ). You can catch me there doing my favorite chocolate yoga pose which I call Offering Free Samples. I make it look easy, but trust me…it’s not as easy as it looks!

It’s such a nice coincidence that Bhakti and Barometer are both celebrating their birthdays, and at this bash there will be lots of other great vendors, too! Free classes and workshops are open to the public throughout the day. Please stop by! I’d love to see you and teach you my other favorite yoga pose: Open Your Mouth For Chocolate. Anyone can do that one!




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