Fruition Chocolate Works specializes in small batch craft chocolate. At Fruition, they begin by selecting ethically sourced and flavorful cocoa beans. Using traditional and modern techniques, they handcraft their award-winning line of chocolates and confections with an eye to detail.
Pastry chef Bryan Graham is the founder of Fruition Chocolate Works is an expert on the science, technique, and craft of handmade chocolate. In 2013, Bryan was named Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America by Dessert Professional Magazine.  He is well revered in the craft chocolate industry, and continues to be recognized, winning a multitude of awards including Good Food Awards, Academy of Chocolate Awards, and International Chocolate Awards. Here he is with his wife, and Fruition Chocolate Works CEO, Dahlia.

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Fine Chocolate + Fine Customers =

The Perfect Pairing!

I am happy to suggest oodles of excellent pairing suggestions, but my favorite pairing of all time is wonderful customers, like you, with exquisite chocolate that’s sure to please.

This combination never gets old. Thank you for entrusting your unique and precious palate to me. I promise to treat it with the utmost care and ensure that your journey into the world of fine chocolate brings you all pleasure and no pressure.

Barometer Chocolate knows no other way.

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this is going to be a favorite

I got this on a recommendation from a friend who loves Barometer for their wistful musings in their packaging, their sourcing and the delicious chocolates. She was right. I was blown away by how thoughtfully everything was packaged and delivered, and the nuance and detail in the quality of the bar. Unique, demands respect and care as you taste all the subtleties. Absolutely top notch and creates magic.

Oh, thank you Jamaicandarkchocolate for this glowing review. Here at Barometer Chocolate we put love and joy into every single order. Thanks for noticing and for choosing our small and sweet business!