Even The Dudes!

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Have you noticed? You can’t go anywhere these days without running into mothers! They’re everywhere! In the park, in the mall, at the office, in your home, and maybe even you yourself are a mother. I know I am!


I’ve been doing this mothering thing for a while and I’m at the stage now where I get to enjoy deep and fabulous friendships with my kids. I love learning about them and from them, broadening my world by dipping a few toes into theirs. 


Yesterday I was listening to a podcast hosted by Danielle LaPorte and she said something that struck me as odd, yet unequivocally true and beautiful. “We are all mothers” she said, “Every one of us. Even the dudes.” It got me thinking about what it means to be a mother, and I realized that the qualities we often attribute to the ideal version of “mother” - compassion, gentleness, support, loving kindness - are really just elevated expressions of our humanity. Sometimes we deeply need to receive these motherly gifts and at other times we feel called to offer them. Being a mother may simply mean being a container for another human being, and not just in the literal sense. If you have ever listened with love and been selflessly receptive to another human being, perhaps you are a mother, regardless of whether or not you identify as a woman or have ever raised a child.


What does any of this have to do with chocolate, you may wonder? Well, maybe nothing. But maybe everything! Chocolate is often a gift that people present to their mothers on Mother’s Day. It can be a physical, edible representation of love. I’m all for giving chocolate gifts…I own a chocolate business for Pete’s sake.  But I wonder how, even without chocolate, the world could become a sweeter place if we all graced it with the most loving “mother” versions of ourselves we can imagine. What would happen, if just for one day, we could intentionally imbue each interaction with pure kindness and no hidden agendas? I wonder….

Now, that said, people who do or have done the actual day-to-day work of raising children may desire, and dare I say, expect, some sort of tribute on Mother’s Day. Understandable! If that’s the case, Barometer Chocolate has more than philosophical musings to offer you. Check out what’s new in the shop!


To all those out there who love abundantly, give generously, wipe away tears selflessly and protect fiercely, I raise my bar of chocolate to you in celebration and deep gratitude. A full 24 hours in your honor with some savor-worthy, melt-in-your-mouth treats is most definitely in order! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of us…even the dudes!!!


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