The Art and Pleasure of Tasting Craft Chocolate 

Craft chocolate is micro-batch, bean-to-bar artistry that reflects commitment and connection to history, quality and unique flavors.

A Barometer Chocolate Tasting Experience is a delicious opportunity to relax and enjoy savoring exquisite craft chocolate bars from around the globe with certified Chocolate Sommelier and judge for the International Chocolate Awards, Nadine Kerstan.

Savoring the Experience

Fine Chocolate Tastings

Indulge in tastes of a variety of distinct chocolate bars. Think of Nadine as your palate’s chocolate stylist.

She designs each event’s tasting flight with the group’s preferences in mind. Just sit back and prepare to be escorted into a chocolate world fit for the most discriminating foodie. 

As you experience each chocolate, you will learn about the craftsmanship required to transform cocoa beans into bars. You will develop your own unique practice around flavor-profiling and tasting chocolate like a connoisseur as you cultivate a deeply pleasurable ritual that will forever change your relationship to chocolate! 

Your own Chocolate Tasting Party

In advance of your tasting, you will receive suggestions for palate cleansers and enhancements that complement the chocolates.

Tastings may be hosted in your workplace, home or private club. The tasting can be a gathering around a table, a Chocolate Open Bar or a Virtual Chocolate Tasting workshop.

Choose your Tasting Experience

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Ready to Taste Chocolate Together - Barometer Chocolate Tastings

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