Love Language

Love Language

I told my husband not to open this newsletter. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I want to surprise him, my two kids and even my cat with a beautiful present this year. The gift I have in mind is sweetly sentimental, surprisingly free of chocolate, and also free of charge!

I listen to a podcast called “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” and in a recent episode she offered this Valentine’s Day suggestion: cut out a bunch of paper hearts and on each one, write something you adore about your beloved. If it’s your child, tape a heart to their bedroom door each night leading up to Valentine’s Day. For my husband I will place a heart on his pillow every evening, or as a placeholder inside the book he’s currently reading. My daughter at college will receive a care package that contains a bundle of personalized hearts. I’ll take Gretchen’s advice, tape hearts on my teenage son’s door and hope he actually notices. For Cookie the Cat, I will…wait, what will I do????? As far as I know, she can’t read…or can she? 🤔

When I’m not cutting out paper hearts, and contemplating the possibility of teaching my cat phonics, chocolate is typically how I express and spread love. It’s actually my love language and one that I speak with fluency. This Valentine’s Day, let me know if you need any help using this true Romance language to tell your story of love (or not-love…yes, I have just the product and it’s called “Portrait of My Ex”) Curating chocolate collections tailored to individual tastes is my super power!

Now if you’ll excuse me, Barometer Chocolate Fans, I have to grab my scissors and construction paper and start my little art project. Please don’t mention it to my family members if you happen to see them, and if you have any clever ideas on how to convey my messages in a love language that my cat will understand, I’m all ears!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

XOXO, Nadine


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