The fine folks at Kahkow are deeply connected to the land. They have been working closely with their farmers in the heart of the Dominican Republic for four generations, growing, fermenting and drying fine flavor cacao. Kahkow is the first company in the world to produce certified organic chocolate at origin.

Owned and operated by the Rizek family, KahKow is among the 13 favorite USA craft chocolate producers recognized in Melissa Clark's February 2020 New York Times article for the extra attention their team devotes to sourcing beans, forging positive relationships with growers and treating the planet with extra loving care.

Nadia Rizek, the manager at Kahkow USA, is proudly continuing her family’s tradition.

Fine Chocolate + Fine Customers =

The Perfect Pairing!

I am happy to suggest oodles of excellent pairing suggestions, but my favorite pairing of all time is wonderful customers, like you, with exquisite chocolate that’s sure to please.

This combination never gets old. Thank you for entrusting your unique and precious palate to me. I promise to treat it with the utmost care and ensure that your journey into the world of fine chocolate brings you all pleasure and no pressure.

Barometer Chocolate knows no other way.