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Cuna de Piedra Comalcalco, Tabasco Mexican Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar 73%
Cuna de Piedra Dark Chocolate Bar 73%
Cuna de Piedra Dark Chocolate
Cuna de Piedra Mexican Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar - Barometer Chocolate

Cuna de Piedra Mexican Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Cuna de Piedra
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Mexico’s indigenous civilizations have shaped cacao culture. I am delighted to feature this exquisite 73% single-estate dark chocolate bar (in two sizes) from Cuna de Piedra or “cradle of stone” made with loving hands from Mexican heirloom cacao.

I was struck by the beauty of this bar when I first encountered it. The aesthetic is modern and elegant (check out the outer packaging and inner foil), and the flavor is both sumptuous and seductive, while at the same time clean and crisp. A slight hint of black pepper unfolds in the greeting notes, transitioning into kumquat and sour cherry. The finishing notes are bright and intoxicating, almost honey-like. It’s hard to define this bar but it’s really easy to eat it! That said, it is very polished and impressive. A little bit is most satisfying and goes a long way! And now it’s available in a mini bar version!

Cuna de Piedra is an inspired and passionate group of Mexicans whose mission is to revere cacao and their motherland, while elevating the quality of life for those involved in transforming cacao from pod to bar.

Cuna de Piedra works with precious cacao beans that hail not just from a single origin, but from a single estate. For this particular Comalcalco, Tabasco bar, Malaquías harvests the beans from his small finca or farm, where several hundred cacao trees coexist with wild black pepper vines and various types of citrus fruits. Cuna de Piedra works closely with Malaquías and his engineer, Carlos, receiving beans grown, fermented and dried by them. Dealing directly and compassionately with farmers, rather than intermediaries, ensures fair wages and sustainable harvesting for cacao workers. Impressive practices yield a most impressive bar. See for yourself.

  • Ingredients: 73% Cacao Beans, Cane Sugar
  • Net Weight: 60 g. / 2.1 oz.
  • Country of Origin: Mexico