Cluizel is a family business that began in Damville (Normandy) in 1948. At that time, Michel Cluizel was just 14 years old and an apprentice in his parent’s chocolate and pastry workshop. The shop had a loyal following and the Cluizel brand became synonymous with high quality. Fast-forward to 1987 and the first Cluizel shop in Paris opened on Rue Saint-Honoré. At this point Michel was establishing partnerships with fine flavor cacao farmers around the world. The company obtained the “Noble Ingredients” label in 2000, which guarantees that all products are crafted with pure cocoa butter and are free of GMOs as well as artificial flavors and colors.

There are now multiple shops in France, including 3 in Paris (you can still visit them on Rue Saint-Honoré), and the U.S. headquarters is in West Berlin, NJ.

Michel passed away in 2020 and now his children Catherine, Marc and Sylvie are handling operations along with their children.

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