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Barometer Chocolate's Nadine Kerstan tastes chocolate

I respect chocolate. I live with chocolate, play with chocolate and work with chocolate. I even dream in chocolate! Was there ever a time in my life that didn't somehow involve chocolate? Well, let's see...I was once an English teacher (who shared chocolate with students), a traveler (who has planned entire trips around chocolate), and a health and nutrition coach (who taught clients about mindful eating using chocolate). Oh, yeah, and in my spare time, I've always loved to bake (with chocolate). It seems like no matter which path I've chosen, chocolate has always traveled alongside me as a faithful companion. 

Though I am not a chocolate maker and don't aspire to be one in the traditional sense, I like to make things related to chocolate. Making customers happy brings me tons of joy, as does creating through words. Crafting words into blog posts on my favorite topic seems like a natural way for me to be a "maker" in the world of chocolate.

Welcome to Chocolog, Barometer Chocolate's sweet online journal...a place where I hope you'll visit often and feel very much at home!

Chocolog is a passion project, and although it may sometimes include my chocolate escapades, this blog is not about me. The star of this show is chocolate - and you, my friend, are the co-star! I'm simply a chocolate whisperer. I channel chocolate, and wish to bring cacao's ancient and sacred messages to you so that your life may become filled to the brim with pleasure, leaving a whole lot less room for pressure. In this way, I hope the most important thing I'm making with chocolate is an impact!

As a Chocolate Sommelier, I am here to assist you in finding mind-blowing craft chocolate, but I am also here to lead a delicious movement for those who feel compelled to celebrate the magic of life through the pleasures of fine chocolate. Wave your bar proudly in the air and march with me on this tasty path. Ask any questions that occur to you along the way. They may be wonderful future topics for the Chocolog!  



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