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Spirited Chocolate

I typically don’t drink anything stronger than green juice. Alcohol is just not my thing. On a rare occasion, I might enjoy a few sips of my husband’s wine if it is truly remarkable, but when it comes to chocolate, I take mine neat. I believe that a fine, craft chocolate bar has so much spirit embedded in its very soul. For me, savoring gorgeous chocolate is a complete and complex experience on its own, requiring no additional enhancements other than the senses I was gifted at birth. 

However, I appreciate that the pairing of spirits with chocolate is a highly pleasurable ritual for many of my clients, and I am fascinated by the exquisite harmonies that can be created when two tastes come together to form a delightfully new, third flavor. What’s lovely about pairing fine chocolate with spirits or fortified wines is that the range of sensations you can experience is amplified. 

When pairing chocolate with other foods and/or beverages, balance is key, both in terms of flavor and mouthfeel. If your taste buds happen to hit upon an ideal combination, it’s as though the heavens have opened up, the angels start to sing and you access a whole new level of nirvana. 

In the world of libations, I am no expert. I’m learning as I go so that I may offer an elevated experience to chocolate lovers who take pleasure in something with a little more kick than green juice. Also, I appreciate the similarities that exist between fine chocolate and fine spirits. Both possess a broad range of nuanced flavors, are fermented in order to create tastes that appeal to refined palates, and have deeply devoted fans who will travel far and wide to experience the very best. 

Your life satisfaction matters to me, and that’s why I am announcing my upcoming Chocolog series on spirits and chocolate. For the next seven weeks, I will highlight a particular spirit or group of specific wines and offer some pairing suggestions with beauties from the Barometer Chocolate stash. Feel free to play with these flavors and find the combinations that excite your unique palate. Here is the lineup:

Week 1 (Wednesday, August 26, 2020): Tequila and Chocolate

Week 2 (Wednesday, September 2, 2020): Rum and Chocolate

Week 3 (Wednesday, September 9, 2020): Gin and Chocolate

Week 4 (Wednesday, September 16, 2020): Vodka and Chocolate

Week 5 (Wednesday, September 23, 2020): Brandy (Cognac) and Chocolate

Week 6 (Wednesday, September 30, 2020): Scotch, Bourbon and Chocolate

Week 7 (Wednesday, October 7, 2020): Fortified Wines and Chocolate

I am so excited to learn and share with you in the coming weeks. Salud! Cin cin! L’chaim! Proost! Santé! Skål! Let’s all raise our glasses and our spirits in the name of chocolate!

Please note: Your input is most welcome! If you have already hit upon specific and awesome pairings with chocolate and any of the spirits I plan to feature in the series, or if you try some of my suggested pairings and have feedback, I invite you to comment on my website's Chocolog. You're also welcome to send me a direct message and I’ll include your impressions in future communications. Let's all learn from each other!


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  • I’d like to try some classic cocktails with the right chocolate like a Negroni (dry gin/Campari/Vermouth) or try it with different Vermouths or Amaros. Could be FUN!

    John Levis

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