Fifty Shades of Chocolate

Fifty Shades of Chocolate

A friend and beloved customer texted last night to check in on me. “It’s been a while since I’ve received one of your newsletters” she wrote, and darling woman that she is, she wanted to make sure that all is well. I am so lucky to have a life where friends are customers and customers often become friends. I find that it’s a piece of (chocolate) cake to make new friends when you peddle products that sweetly sell themselves. People lean in closer and listen more deeply when they find out what I do. The most joyful part of my work is creating an ever-expanding, warm and fuzzy chocolate community. To my friend who recently checked in on me, and to all of you, who are taking the time to read this blog post when your days are jam-packed, thank you so much for caring about me and my chocolate, and please know that I truly care about you, too!

October is a busy month for me personally, as my two children and I all celebrate our birthdays. This year was a big one! I turned 50…gulp! I feel pretty much the same as ever, but I also recognize that this is monumental. I am too old not to take chances, follow my dreams, and unapologetically show up as myself! Barometer Chocolate, fasten your seatbelt. This is bound to be a rocky road ride.

In the months leading up to my birthday I wondered how I was going to feel about this number. I decided that I want to own my age and celebrate it because I love my life. The Universe has smiled favorably upon me for this past half-century, and I have been feeling deep gratitude for the adventures, relationships, lessons and magic that have created my rich experience on earth thus far. Here is a photo of my heavenly cake which was completely and decadently filled with chocolate, in case you were wondering!

I refuse to subscribe to that darn magazine, though…you know the one I’m talking about! Nope. Not going there! I’d rather start my own magazine. I’ll call it Fifty Shades of Chocolate. Trust me. It’s going to be hot! 😂😂

If you are experiencing any hot chocolate cravings right now as a result of my steamy magazine idea, I accept full responsibility, but fear not, chocolate lover! I offer a solution! As I type, three velvety varieties of drinking chocolate are making their way from Europe to sunny South Orange for your sipping pleasure this holiday season. Stay tuned! I have selected so many gorgeous goodies for the Barometer Chocolate collection, and I’m really excited for you to browse my virtual shelves later this month! They are going to be overflowing with dark chocolate truffles, collections of bonbons, limited edition, mouth-watering bars, and more!

In honor of my big birthday, I’m offering you a gift. Please use the code BLACKFRIDAY15 on Friday, November 26 to receive 15% off your Barometer Chocolate order. It’s a great time to shop, save and order in time for the holidays. Many carriers are experiencing delays and the holiday volume will exacerbate them, so ordering well in advance of your deadline is advisable. Please keep in mind that chocolate truffles and mondiants are a bit delicate and are best enjoyed within two weeks of shipment.

My friends, the rainbow of cacao pods below reminds me of autumn’s resplendence, which I hope you will enjoy with great gusto, great chocolate and this haiku:

Fifty shades of brown

Fine chocolate all around.

Leaves blanket the ground.

Sending you all love and light as the days grow shorter and the nights grow cozier. If I can assist you in your chocolate journey, please reach out! I’m always delighted to connect with my customer friends!


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