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Pump Street Chocolate Rye Crumb, Milk & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar
Pump Street Chocolate Rye Crumb Milk & Sea Salt Chocolate (Full-Size) Bar - Barometer Chocolate

Pump Street Chocolate Rye Crumb Milk & Sea Salt Chocolate (Full-Size) Bar

Pump Street Chocolate
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Pump Street's Rye Crumb, Milk & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar is part of a series of delectable bars featuring their very own baked goods. This bar, with notes of malted milk, topped with cherry cordial, drizzled in bright honeydew melon, possesses a most pleasing and noble mouthfeel. The perfection of the deep, toasted rye and fine, malty wheat crumbs add a feuilletine-style crunch to the bar, and the magical synergy between the slight acidity of the bread and the creamy, richness of the milk chocolate is oh-so-satisfying. If you are they type of chocolate lover who is drawn to the interplay of textures, you will love this bar.

  • Academy of Chocolate 2015 Gold Award
  • Best-Flavored Milk Chocolate Bar & Great Taste Awards 2015 - 2 Gold Stars

The cacao for this bar comes from pure heirloom beans known as "Arriba"  from the Hacienda Limon Farm on the Guantupi River in Ecuador. A long conch creates a bar with low acidity.

At the heart of Pump Street is a father-daughter duo, award-winning bakers and chocolate makers, Chris and Joanna Brennan, who operate their bakery café in the village of Orford on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast in the UK.

Pump St Bakery

They opened Pump Street Bakery in 2010 in a 15th century building...

... and because of Chris' passion for baking and chocolate-making, and Joanna's enthusiasm for all things gourmande, they grew the business in response to the great demand for superior quality fresh bread and pastries. They are now quite famous for their award-winning sourdough breads, cakes,... 

Chris began to bake bread in his semi-retirement. He spent hours perfecting his baguettes and classic, crusty, delectable sourdoughs. Many creative juices began to flow from that mouthwatering sourdough! Chris and Joanna proudly presented an array of luscious daily pastries in 2015 and began experimenting by combining sourdough with sea salt and chocolate. They started to grow ever more curious about the craft chocolate movement in the United States and realized that it involved the same aesthetics and value system that inspired the vision for their bakery. The idea of carefully sourcing cacao beans, reliance on proper fermentation (just like with sourdough), and attention to detail in the crafting process, struck a chord with this dad and daughter team. Eventually they acquired an additional historic building at Bentwaters Parks in Rendlesham where they housed a dedicated chocolate department with the capacity to make numerous small batches of fine chocolate concurrently. Pump Street imports their cacao beans directly from single estates and cooperatives all over the world. 

  • Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Organic Cocoa Butter,Cane Sugar, Milk Powder, Breadcrumbs (Wheat & Rye Flour, Natural Sourdough Starter, Sea Salt), Sea Salt
  • Net Weight: 70 g. / 2.5 oz.
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom