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Puchero Zorzal Milk Chocolate Bar with Croissant
Puchero Zorzal Milk Chocolate Bar with Croissant
Puchero Zorzal Milk Chocolate Bar with Croissant
Puchero Zorzal Milk Chocolate Bar with Croissant
Puchero Chocolate Bar Unwrapped

Puchero “El Zorzal con Croissant” Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

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Have you ever fallen in love at first bite? I did when I sat with my fellow Chocolate Sommelier, Genevieve, and we tasted this bar together. Wow! What magic! The makers at Puchero call it “the perfect flavor bomb,” and that is an accurate depiction of this stunning chocolate bar. Imagine a classic chocolaty bar that’s not overly sweet, yet rich and creamy, perfectly partnered with a gorgeous, rich and flaky butter croissant. It’s kind of like a reverse pain au chocolat. Literally, this bar contains half a croissant and lots of chocolate, with a loving sprinkle of croissant flakes over the back. Trust me, this rare gem is a must! The croissants are a specialty of Acid Bakehouse in Madrid.

Puchero means soup or stew pot in Spanish. My guess is that the makers, Paloma Puentes and Marco Bergero, chose the name because cacao (and their first love, coffee) is the source of their connection to the community. Everyone dips into their beautiful offerings with a sense of collective joy and a “family style” approach. Marco and Paloma also love to collaborate with their fellow foodie artisans to make beautiful delicacies for all to experience.

Paloma and Marco lived in London for a time and had fun traveling through Europe. They eventually settled in Hornillos de Eresma (Valladolid) where they quickly became one of the best coffee roasters in all of Spain. A few years later, they were seduced by cacao and decided to collect fine flavor beans from small farms the world over from which to craft truly exquisite chocolate. See the results for yourself!

The tagline for Puchero is “Do It Right” and that sentiment appears on the corner of each of their beautiful bars, also imprinted with the map of Valladolid

Just a quick note on the origin of the beans…they are fine flavor from Zorzal Cacao which is a renowned 1,019 acre farm, fermentary and bird sanctuary located near the northern shore of the Dominican Republic.

Cacao experts at Zorzal partner with farmers in the pre and post harvest practices. The beans for this bar are fermented for 6 days and dried in the sun for a week before the makers at Puchero craft them into this crowd-pleasing masterpiece!

  • Ingredients: *Cacao Beans, *Cane Sugar, Croissant, *Cocoa Butter, Butter,            
        Milk Powder, Salt 
     * Organic
  • Net Weight: 70 g. / 2.4 oz.
  • Country of Origin: Spain