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Nostalgia Dark Milk Chocolate with Coffee
Nostalgia Chocolate Dark Milk with Coffee - Barometer Chocolate
Nostalgia Chocolate Dark Milk with Coffee - Barometer Chocolate

Nostalgia Chocolate Dark Milk with Coffee

Nostalgia Chocolate
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Who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee? Well, I actually have two people in mind who both love chocolate and coffee…but not together. What???

True story.

However, if your clicking finger has landed you on this page, you are likely a proud member of the chocolate with coffee fan club, and here is a beauty you are sure to love. It is the Nostalgia Dark Milk Chocolate with Coffee Bar made with Reserva Zorzal Cacao from the Dominican Republic. The robust flavor of coffee pairs harmoniously with the creamy, comforting richness of dark milk chocolate to offer the perfect level of sweetness and satisfaction! If you enjoy notes of graham cracker, brownie, and coffee with cream, here is your perfect bar, which I personally enjoy as the final taste in a flight of dark chocolates in the 70 to 85% range. This would also be a lovely bar if you were to indulge in a post-breakfast treat (like after a bowl of warm oatmeal). It’s also highly enjoyable as an afternoon pick-me-up with a cup of coffee or a golden milk latte. However, the best thing with which to pair this bar is the advice of its maker, who invites us all to ”slow down and savor the moment.” 

Now for a little background on the origin of the beans…Zorzal Cacao is a renowned 1,019 acre farm, fermentary and bird sanctuary located near the northern shore of the Dominican Republic.


Cacao experts partner with farmers in the pre and post harvest practices, and the resulting beans produce flavorful, crowd-pleasing chocolate bars! 


Tyler and Tiffany Cagwin are the creative minds and makers at Nostalgia Chocolate. They are two yogis who love to travel, lead retreats abroad, sail, eat good food, and surround themselves with amazing, inspiring people.

Love led Tiffany and Tyler to chocolate. On their honeymoon, sailing down the Windward Island chain in the Caribbean, they tasted amazing chocolate from The Grenada Chocolate Company and it changed their lives forever. A beautiful seed was planted in Tyler’s mind and a few years later, it became clear to him that he was meant to be a bean-to-bar chocolate maker.


 He began learning how to make chocolate from scratch and has been mentored by one of the finest chocolate makers and teachers I know, Mackenzie Rivers of Map Chocolate.

While devoting himself to his new craft, Tyler was inspired by simpler times when handmade was the rule rather than the exception. The name “Nostalgia” came to life for Tyler and Tiffany and brought with it a vision for the company. Their ethically and sustainably sourced cacao  supports farmers while it encourages us, as tasters, to smile, savor the moment, and connect with one another on a deeper level over delicious chocolate.


  • Ingredients: Cacao, Sugar, Milk Powder, Coca Butter, Coffee 
  • Net Weight: 57 g. / 2 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA