Moka Origins Dark Milk Chocolate 58%
Moka Origins Dark Milk Chocolate Bar - Barometer Chocolate

Moka Origins Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

Moka Origins
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This 58% Dark Milk Chocolate is delicious and luxurious. Lovingly crafted by hand, it is creamy, rich, chocolatey and oh-so-accessible to the palate. This well-balanced crowd-pleaser is the perfect compromise between dark chocolate and milk chocolate. There is a subtle, exquisite hint of marzipan in this oh-so-chocolatey bar.

It’s also made with organic, grass-fed A2/A2 milk from Alexandre Family Farm, which is easier to digest than typical cows’ milk. This type of milk, with beta-casein protein, is the kind of old-fashioned milk that cows roaming on pastures used to produce before a genetic mutation caused dairy cattle to start producing a more difficult-to-digest, hybridized version containing both A1 and A2 proteins. It’s a thoughtful choice that Moka Origins made for all of us! They are treating our palates while looking out for our digestive tracts! Thank you, Moka Origins!

 Moka’s motto is “Buy a bar. Change a life” because their mission is to support, employ, feed, and educate farmers, cacao fermenters and locals while restoring the environment. They do more good work by planting one tree for every product sold in order to fight climate change and foster biodiversity.

Jeff and Ishan, business partners and the heart and soul behind Moka Origins, started their chocolate and coffee endeavor back in 2014, with a sustainable farming venture in Cameroon, West Africa. Their farm in Cameroon continues to flourish. Cacao trees are thriving under the shade of plantain, mango, avocado and citrus trees, and one day soon, Jeff and Ishan hope to incorporate more of the Cameroon crops into their products. Here is Ishan surrounded by the beauty and bounty of cacao:


At present, most of the cacao beans in Moka Origins chocolate is procured from other producing partners around the world. The beans for this bar are sourced from Suhum, Ghana, located in the eastern region of South Ghana, West Africa. Historically, Ghana has been stigmatized for its unethical farming practices and bulk commodity cacao beans. 99% of all exported cacao coming from Ghana is uncertified and mostly untraceable, which means it is likely brought to market with practices that none of us would be proud to support, such as child slave labor. ABOCFA is out to change the reputation of cacao from Ghana.
ABOCFA or Aponoapono Biakoye Organic Cocoa Farmers’ Association is an organic and fair trade certified cooperative that maintains complete traceability for its cacao and the farmers who work with it. Farmers at ABOCFA earn 15.5% more at the farm gate per kilogram of cacao sold than non-ABOCFA members. Regular audits also ensure that practices are ethical and that cacao workers are being treated with dignity. ABOCFA also invests in farmer training so that they can produce abundant, yet high quality cacao. 




The cacao beans in this 58% Dark Milk Ghana  bar are a hybrid of Amelonado and Trinitario. The two types of beans are fermented in separate bins for six days and then sun-dried on raised bamboo mats.
I am delighted to carry this ethically sourced Ghanaian bar crafted in Honesdale, PA and worthy of your love! Please also try it alongside its utterly delectable dark chocolate 72% version!
  • Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic A2/A2 Milk Powder, Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Net Weight: 68 g./ 2.4 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA