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Luisa Abram Dark Milk Chocolate Bar
Luisa Abram Dark Milk Chocolate
Luisa Abram Chocolate Collection
Luisa Abram Dark Milk Chocolate Bar - Barometer Chocolate

Luisa Abram Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

Luisa Abram
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Velvety, rich chocolate is my jam. I also love chocolate that is just sweet enough. This Luisa Abram Dark Milk Chocolate Bar is sheer heaven, with a custard-like taste and mouthfeel...and there’s a bonus: there are two individually wrapped bars of perfection in every single package! These exquisite bars are highly addictive and because they come as a set, I suggest you keep them together, stashed away in an undisclosed location. This would be an ideal “dessert” bar to round out a flight of dark chocolates.

The eponymous hero of her chocolate company, 26 year-old Luisa Abram is one of Brazil’s youngest and brightest women craft chocolate makers (and there are some super skilled ladies making bean-to-bar chocolate in Brazil).

Luisa is a Jane of all trades. She expected to study medicine, and even took coursework in dentistry, but eventually realized that the culinary arts were more aligned with her soul’s purpose. Luisa decided to enroll in culinary school and concentrate on patisserie. This is a path that more than one craft chocolate maker has traveled!
As Luisa delved deeper into the wide, diverse world of Brazilian ingredients, she uncovered her true passion and felt called to embark on a hero’s journey within the rainforests of the Amazon to source high quality wild cacao varietals from local farmers. 
Luisa returned from her 2014 trip with a suitcase full of fine flavor wild cocoa beans, yet she lacked the equipment necessary to turn out beautiful craft chocolate. With her father’s help, she began to set up the world’s tiniest chocolate factory, and thus, Luisa Abram, the chocolate company, was born.
Luisa’s parents supported her desire to become a barsmith, and now the chocolate company is a family affair in São Paulo. Luisa, her father (Andre), her mother (Mirian), and her older sister (Andrea), all play important roles in the business. Luisa is the artisan who tempers and packages the bars. Andre has a PhD in math but his professional life now revolves around cleaning, roasting and grinding cacao, as well as maintaining the factory’s machines. Mirian handles logistics and finances, and Andrea, a lawyer, manages legal issues.
This is cottage industry chocolate at its finest. Experience Luisa Abram Chocolate and see for yourself! 
  • Ingredients: Cocoa Mass, Organic Cane Sugar, Powdered Milk, Cocoa Butter
  • Net Weight: 80 g. / 2.8 oz.
  • Country of Origin: Brazil