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Fossa Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha Tea & Milk Chocolate Bar
Fossa Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha Tea & Milk Chocolate Bar
Fossa Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha Tea & Milk Chocolate Bar
Fossa Honey Orchid Tea & Milk Chocolate Bar

Fossa Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha Tea & Milk Chocolate Bar

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“This is a delicious bar to be slowly savoured.” Behold your instructions  from the fine chocolate makers at Fossa regarding this lovely, velvety, and oh-so-pleasurable bar. What makes the bar incredibly unique is the unexpected, yet gorgeous infusion of a creamy, aged black tea from Pekoe & Imp, curators of rare teas.

The luscious and aromatic milk chocolate in this bar possesses sweet notes of tropical lychee and red dates, mingled with biscuity undertones from the Kokoa Kamili Tanzanian beans. The tea infusion takes the bar to beautiful, new heights, and the savoring experience feels like a gift box of exotic delights delivered straight to your palate.

  • International Chocolate Awards Asia Pacific 2019 Gold Winner 

Mi Lan Xiang or Honey Orchid is a Dancong (Chinese oolong) tea cultivated in the Phoenix Mountain of Guangdong Province. “Dancong” literally means “excellent single tea tree.” The particular lot used to craft this bar was hand-harvested from Zhen Ya Village in the Spring of 2010, made into a Hongcha western black tea, and further aged for eight years. The tea has low astringency and a flavor pitch clear as a bell that creates a satisfying counterpoint to the lush milk chocolate. 

 Jay, Charis and Yilina are the masterminds behind Fossa, a luxury craft chocolate company that handcrafts and individually hand wraps delectable bars from scratch in their workshop in Singapore. Years ago, this trio tasted a bar of chocolate from Madagascar that left a strong impression on them and lured them into the world of chocolate making with fine flavor beans.

A fossa is a cat-like mammal that is both fierce and wild. It is indigenous and unique to Madagascar, having first reached the island nearly 20 million years ago. This animal symbolizes the tasting experience that inspires Jay, Charis and Yilina, whose approach to chocolate making focuses on creating bold, mind-blowing, yet elegant flavors.

Jay and Charis are both chocolate makers. Jay loves making things from scratch and working with his hands. When he’s not making chocolate, he might very well be making craft beer or fixing machines. Charis is both an artist and dedicated foodie. She spends much of her time making chocolate, pastries, chocolate bonbons and flowers, and also designing Fossa’s packaging. Yilina is the imaginative business and marketing director, as well as the team’s master chef!

 Fossa’s single origin bars are purer than pure. With only two ingredients, cacao and cane sugar, this fine chocolate is world-renowned and one I encourage you to try!

  • Ingredients: Organic Cacao, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Powder, Tea Leaves
  • Net Weight: 50 g. / 1.76 oz.
  • Country of Origin: Singapore