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Ethereal Single Origin Ghana Dark Chocolate Bar

Ethereal Single Origin Ghana Dark Chocolate Bar

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This 70% Organic Ghanaian Dark Chocolate Bar is a classic. It’s rich and fudgy with flavor notes of brownie, peanut butter and malt (though it contains none of those ingredients). It is the quintessential chocolatey chocolate that is reminiscent of childhood. It’s delicious and perfectly satisfying to your chocolate tooth, which will direct your hand to snap off a second, third and fourth piece!

The creators behind the Ethereal brand are Mary, Michael, and Sara, foodies who enjoy making delicious magic from scratch.


Their mission is to reconnect people with real, authentic, savor-worthy food that nourishes the mind and soul. The trio has a factory and cafe in Woodstock, Illinois where they aim to add luster, flavor, creativity and beauty to every bar, confection and cocktail  

Ethereal purchases the ethically sourced beans for this bar from Uncommon Cacao, a transparent trade cacao exporting company that supports farmers and creates opportunities for chocolate makers worldwide to access superior cacao from around the globe.

These Ghanaian beans hail from ABOCFA which is a farmer cooperative in Suhum, Ghana. Uncommon compensates the co-op at a premium so that farmers may prosper (for example, in 2019, Uncommon Cacao paid approximately 43% higher than both the typical Fair Trade and Organic premiums combined).




The ABOCFA cacao is of exceptional quality. The Ghana Cocoa Board has implemented strict rules which do not permit the sale or purchase of wet (unfermented, straight from the pod) cacao beans so ABOCFA employs fermentation experts who teach farmers the art and science of fermenting as well as sun-drying cacao. The resulting beans are far superior to other Ghanaian beans.

The ABOCFA network is operated democratically with farmer representatives who report directly to co-op leaders. As a unified body, the co-op decides how to allocate funds equitably so that farmers benefit while certifications and the managing cooperative board may be maintained.

Savor this sentimental bar with a clear conscience!  


  • Ingredients: *Cocoa Beans, *Cane Sugar, *Cocoa Butter, Bourbon
    * Organic, Vegan
  • Net Weight: 64 g. / 2.25 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA