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Éclat Chocolate First Harvest Dark Chocolate Bar - Barometer Chocolate

Éclat Chocolate First Harvest Dark Chocolate Bar

Éclat Chocolate
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Has a chocolate bar ever stopped you dead in your tracks? The Éclat First Harvest 72% Dark Chocolate Bar took my breath away and I fell in love with it at first taste. Here’s what happened: I opened the gorgeous packaging, snapped off one precious piece, and was immediately blown away by every aspect of the bar. The scent was rich, intoxicating, chocolate surround-sound for my nose. The taste matched - no, exceeded, the fragrance, and was beyond delicious with notes of graham cracker and cherry. This is a true chocolate lover’s bar. The mouthfeel was smooth at first, and then I became aware of the extremely delicate crunch. Just one heavenly, luxurious bite, and it felt as though the angels were serenading me. The dreamy Éclat First Harvest bar is one of the best I’ve ever had…sheer paradise in my mouth. Before I even took the second (or third, or fourth) bite, I emailed the nice folks at Éclat and asked them if they would pretty please ship me lots more of this chocolate. If I could propose to a chocolate bar, I’d get down on one knee and ask this bar to marry me.

The Éclat First Harvest Bar is extraordinary, not just because it tastes amazing, but also because it is crafted from the rarest and finest cacao beans on earth: organic, Peruvian pure Nacional cacao beans. Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin takes these magnificent beans and makes magic with them using his vintage chocolate machinery (some of the oldest in the world!). More magic results from this bar, as Éclat Chocolate donates a portion of the proceeds back to the farmers to help maintain the already established Peruvian Rice Hull Stove Project. 

I met Christopher at a tasting and found myself hanging on his every word, as he is incredibly wise, humble and kind. He has been in the world of pastry and fine chocolate for more than two decades, and his great brilliance and reputation - his éclat - has set him in a class by himself. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Christopher set out for the House of les Compagnons du Devoir, the premier guild for pastry chefs in France. He worked alongside the most talented and inspired chefs in Europe and became the first American to be awarded the honor of German Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier in Cologne, Germany. 


Christopher continued to learn from the masters, honing his skills in the finest chocolate houses of Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany and Japan. His training and travel across the globe enabled him to discover secrets and techniques that make savoring Éclat Chocolate a life-changing experience you’ll remember forever! Eric Ripert, the super-chef Frenchman behind New York’s famed Le Bernadin, calls Curtin one of the greatest chocolatiers in the world.


  • Ingredients: Organic Peruvian Pure Nacional Cacao Beans (72%), Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Organic Peruvian Pure Nacional Cacao Nibs
  • Net Weight: 75 g. / 2.6 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA