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Naive Peanut Butter Organic 47% Milk Chocolate
Naive Peanut Butter Organic Milk Chocolate - Barometer Chocolate

Naive Peanut Butter Organic Milk Chocolate

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If you have a playful side and enjoy peanut butter with chocolate, I invite you to experience this highly enjoyable Peanut Butter Organic 47% Milk Chocolate Mini Bar crafted by Chocolate Naive. To get a sense of the maker and the bar, check out the first few lines of the description...

This peanut butter chocolate is made by the devil himself. The chocolate is mixed with the devil’s horn and is so tempting that the recipe was included in the list of the biggest sins in the world...

To learn the rest of the devilish process involved in creating this most decadent treat, you’ll have to buy the bar! However, I can tell you has a lovely, creamy texture that melts luxuriously on the palate and it is molded in the unusual shape of the logo (a man riding a unicycle) rather than a rectangle. Everything about this quirky, delightful and delicious bar will make you smile and reach for more!

 “Chocolate is like my own life - both bitter and sweet. It has been a constant companion that has seen me grow from a carefree youth to a quixotic adult. Chocolate is as luxuriant as my most vivid dream and as humble as my simple reality. By tasting Chocolate Naive chocolate, you give affirmation to my lifetime project and for this I want to thank you personally.“  

                                              -  Domanatas Uzpalis, Chocolate Maker 

You might wonder whether the word “naive” refers to a lack of experience on the part of the chocolate maker. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Lithuanian Domantas Uzpalis is a highly skilled maker who chooses beautifully simple ingredients and techniques with which to craft his luscious and unique chocolate bars.

Domantas once had a corporate career and turned to chocolate as his refuge after experiencing a crisis. A ton of cocoa beans brought him solace, though at first he wasn’t quite sure what to do with them! In short order, Domantas moved to the countryside, borrowed money from the bank, and bought some equipment with which to learn the art and craft of making fine flavor chocolate bars that highlight the personality and charm of the beans from which they are comprised. 

In 2011, Domantas founded his company, Chocolate Naive, where he sources all natural ingredients from local producers whenever possible, and insists on sourcing his beans ethically. One day, he hopes to purchase a farm at origin from which to source his cacao.

  • Ingredients: Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Sugar, Specialty Cacao, Organic Peanuts (20%), Organic Grass-Fed Milk Powder, Sea Salt. May Contain Traces of Barley, Sunflowers
  • Net Weight: 20 g. / .7 oz.
  • Country of Origin: Lithuania