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Cacaosuyo Piura Dark Milk 50% Chocolate Bar

Cacaosuyo Piura Dark Milk Chocolate Mini Bar

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A little sweeter and every bit as exquisite as its dark chocolate counterpart, the Cacaosuyo Piura Dark Milk Chocolate Mini Bar is one you’ll remember long after you’ve consumed it. This is a milk chocolate bar that even the most sophisticated palate will appreciate.

  • World Gold Winner of the International Chocolate Awards Americas Competition 2015

The flavor journey begins with deep, yet soft, chocolatey, vanilla, and nutty notes that are highlighted by microbursts of citrus and orange blossom honey. The final impression on the palate is clean and incredibly satisfying. This spectacular bar, made from Porcelana Peruvian cacao beans is sophisticated, unadulterated pleasure…a perfect chocolate crafted with love, care and respect.

 Sam Giha, a founder of Cacaosuyo, was born in Peru (of Arabic and Italian descent), but grew up in the United States. After earning a degree in economics in Pennsylvania, Sam returned to Peru and worked in the textile industry while enjoying singing, cooking and fine dining in his spare time. He found himself drawn to Peruvian heirloom cacao, both as an exportable commodity and an exceptional tree-to-bar chocolate product.

Sam (left) started Cacaosuyo with his business partner Eduardo Lanfranco (right), and the two began their cacao education in earnest, learning from experts in the field.


They refused to compromise on quality, crafting chocolate bars exclusively from cacao of beautiful and noble heritage. They believed that the process could be rather straightforward if the initial raw material was remarkable and rare. 

Sam and Eduardo set up their own post-harvest facilities, fermentation boxes, drying beds, and fully-equipped laboratory. They explored flavor and became expert cacao and chocolate tasters. Cacaosuyo’s mission is to seek out and preserve fine flavor Peruvian cacao and transform it into the best possible chocolate. Experience Cacaosuyo’s commitment to quality for yourself. 

If you’d like a companion bar to pair with this Cacaosuyo Piura Milk Chocolate 50% Mini Bar, I’d like to recommend Qantu’s Oh La Vache! They are divine side-by-side!


  • Ingredients: Cocoa Mass, Powder Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla
  • Net Weight: 25g. / .88 oz. 
  • Country of Origin: Peru